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my campaign statement for san jose city council d7

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Our community deserves much better on housing, homelessness and crime. I have served our community for 22 years with the San Jose Fire Department responding to fires, saving lives in medical emergencies and helping people with mental health issues. I saved taxpayer dollars by renovating fire stations responsibly and will keep up the fight to save money in these tough economic times.

We deserve a Councilmember who will not ignore the daily stresses of crime, trash and homelessness in our community and who will fight to make changes we need.

I will:

  1. 1) Improve safety with increased police funding, training and community engagement,

  2. 2) Provide lower cost solutions to reducing homelessness and make sure our district is not a dumping ground for the city's problems,

  3. 3) Require the county to provide drug treatment and mental health facilities,

  4. 4) Support our youth through education and career pathways,

  5. 5) Reduce barriers to affordable housing,

  6. 6) Help local businesses create jobs,

  7. 7) Protect our environment, and

  8. 8) prepare San Jose for future droughts and emergencies.


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